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ויסות עצמי בעזרת טאקוונדו

המאמר הבא הינו מאמר מקצועי מתחום הפסיכולוגיה (התפתחותית) והוא עוסק בשיפור יכולת הויסות העצמי בעזרת למידה של אמנות לחימה. מובא כאן האבסטרקט של המאמר והוא ניתן להורדה כאן.

Promoting self-regulation through school-based
martial arts training

The impact of school-based Tae Kwon Do training on self-regulatory abilities was examined. A self-regulation
framework including three domains (cognitive, affective, and physical) was presented. Children (N = 207) from
kindergarten through Grade 5 were randomly assigned by homeroom class to either the intervention (martial arts)
group or a comparison (traditional physical education) group. Outcomes were assessed using multidimensional,
multimodal assessments. After a 3-month intervention, results indicated that the martial arts group demonstrated
greater improvements than the comparison group in areas of cognitive self-regulation, affective self-regulation,
prosocial behavior, classroom conduct, and performance on a mental math test. A significant Group  Gender
interaction was found for cognitive self-regulation and classroom conduct, with boys showing greater
improvements than girls. Possible explanations of this interaction as well as implications for components of
martial arts training for the development of self-regulation in school-age children are discussed.

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